Hands of Friendship Soap

Hi friends!

Another month, another blog post…I know, its a bit delayed, but it’s been hectic, trying to adjust to life as a real adult. Yes, I’m almost a real adult now! After writing (and passing) the CFE (Common Final Examination) to obtain my accounting designation, I have started working full-time as a Tax Specialist at KPMG in Waterloo. Feel free to contact me for your tax needs. Apparently, I’m now using this blog to promote my career, as well as my dating life (still single so help a sister out!)

I say “almost” a real adult because I still don’t quite feel like a real adult, despite having a full-time job and living alone in an apartment that’s not student housing. Also, I don’t own a vacuum cleaner, but  rest assured, my apartment is very clean and neat because I use a broom and dustpan (it was much cheaper than a vacuum cleaner). There’s an overwhelming amount of vacuum cleaner options on the market, and I haven’t gotten around to researching into them because I keep putting it off. Because who on earth wants to research vacuum cleaners. If you have any recommendations and are very happy with your vacuum cleaner though, please let me know. Unless it’s one of those robot vacuum cleaners. Those suck.

Okay, so now that we’re at the end of my tangent about being single, working and not owning a vacuum cleaner, the beauty product I will be reviewing today is the “Hands of Friendship” bar of soap, provided by my fellow beauty blogger, Stephanie Lau.


Well, we tried…

Smell and taste: It smelled like rainbows and friendship, and a bit like cinnamon. But mostly rainbows and friendship. I did not perform a taste test by licking the soap this time because the last time licked soap, it tasted awful and I have learned my lesson.

Consistency: This is a very “soft” soap (unsure if that’s the official beauty blogging adjective used in this fast-paced industry). It crumbles and dissolves fairly easily so you might go through the soap faster than you usually go through soap. Or maybe not if you go through soap at differing speeds than me – I don’t know your life. But I do know about this bar of soap. Trust me, it’s pretty soft.

Effectiveness: I felt pretty clean after using it in the shower. Unfortunately I don’t have a more scientific method of verifying the effectiveness of soap.

Rating: 11/10 – it would be a bit higher if the soap wasn’t as soft and used up so quickly. But overall, who can complain about free soap representing rainbows, friendship and cinnamon?

Friendship: On the topic of friendship, I’m quite certain that me and Stephanie have breached new levels of friendship over the past few months. Right before writing the CFE, I met her mom (aka Mother Lau) who drove her to the testing centre and walked her in. Mother Lau was a bit concerned about looking like a helicopter parent and embarrassing Steph so I assured Mother Lau that if Steph was embarrassed, we will just pretend that Mother Lau was my mom. Steph wasn’t embarrassed enough though, to resort to such a drastic measure.

After Mother Lau walked us both into the testing centre, she left and went back to her car…to retrieve an iPad and take a picture of us in the testing centre, as shown below.


We wrote our three day test above skating rinks. One part of the room kept hearing the same music playing on repeat because figure skaters (or synchronized skaters?) kept practicing the same routine.

So now I’m on a whole new friendship level with Steph and Mother Lau as my photo is now stored on Mother Lau’s iPad. But to be clear, I added the heart in – it was not Mother Lau’s doing.

And that….is a good summary of my life at the moment combined with commentary on some friendship soap and my blossoming relationship with the Lau family. Thank you for bearing with me, as I get my ducks in a row and work on writing and posting more frequently.



Wax Ears That Do Not Function as Soap

Hello everyone!

This week, I will be reviewing wax ears (literally, wax in the shape of ears), that I tried using as soap.


Pretty ear-like, if I do say so myself.

The story behind why I have wax ears in the first place:

My roommate, Matt, has a friend who pays $20 CAD on a monthly basis, to receive boxes of random, miscellaneous items. I’m not sure what company this is from specifically, and I think Matt is playing video games with his cousin so I don’t want to interrupt. He’s a very busy man. Why anyone would want to pay $20 to receive random, useless crap, is beyond me, but to each their own. Anyways, one of the miscellaneous items happened to be a necklace of wax ears. Matt’s friend gave him the necklace and Matt randomly showed it to me one day when we were hanging out in the apartment.

At first, Matt said that the ears are actually supposed to be soap, but he feels weird using wax ears to cleanse himself. So I decided to test it out for myself, and used the ears to wash my hands. That turned out to be a mistake. It smelled really strange (kind of like earwax?) and my hands did not feel any cleaner. If anything, they felt less clean afterwards.

When I told Matt about this unpleasant experience, his response was “oh, maybe they aren’t soap then. I don’t know.”

I am confirming that these wax ears are indeed, not soap. They are just wax ears.

I have no idea what to do with the wax ears. Maybe wear them around as a fashion accessory? See below for wax ear glamour shots.


Yes ladies, he is single.


Who wore it better? Wax ears edition.

Rating: As soap, this product deserves a negative rating. -14/10. In fact, it probably did the exact opposite as what soap is actually supposed to do and this is coming from a soap expert, based on my prior blog posts. On the other hand, they are a solid 10/10, for being wax ears.  And a 4/10 for being a fashion accessory…but I’m not very fashionable, so what do I know. They might actually be a 12/10 and featured in this year’s New York Fashion Week (pictures from last year’s New York Fashion Week shown below, with some artistic liberties/much needed improvements).

Model 1

Aha I knew something was missing from his outfit.

Model 2.png

It looks like he slathered lotion onto himself before leaving for work in the morning and forgot to do everything else. Like put on pants. I don’t get fashion.

Photos taken from a BBC article. Photos altered by me, using MS Paint.

My Recommendation: I really don’t know why anyone would want to own a necklace of wax ears.

I tried thinking of some sort of conclusion for this blog post, but it’s 11:23 pm and I am very tired. So this will do. Thanks for reading everyone!



Handmade Soap and Heartbreak

Hello readers!

Sorry for the delay in blog post – it’s been a busy week/two weeks with school, and I had to recover over the recent heartbreak I experienced (more on this below).

Today’s special product to be reviewed, is soap from Lush: 


My photography skills have really progressed throughout my last four posts.

I’d like to spend a moment here, bragging about how special this soap is because my dear friend, Stephanie Lau, hand-made this soap when she went on a tour of the Lush factory. (Maybe she’s trying to send me a hint. She has been supplying me with a lot of personal hygiene items lately…)

Okay, now onto the product itself, before this post turns into a review of my friendship with Stephanie (10/10, she’s great).

Ingredients: It’s made out of fruit juice! And other normal soap ingredients! Look at those rainbow-coloured stripes!

Smell: Kind of like waxy fruit candy (Jolly Ranchers? Life Savers?)

Taste: It does NOT taste like candy at all. It just taste like wax. I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to test this by licking it, especially in a classroom of 30 people, but I am now passing on this very valuable lesson to you: do not lick your soap. No matter how good it smells. I see you reaching for your soap now. Just don’t do it.

Effectiveness: I used the washroom, and then I used this soap. My hands felt pretty clean after. I am confident it worked.

Rating: 12/10 because Stephanie made it for me.

Okay, the last point brings me to the heartbreak I recently experienced. I was overjoyed at this gift Stephanie bestowed upon me during our Accounting 610 – Professional Accounting Practice class (if you’re bored from reading those last six words, imagine how my entire class feels, but for three hours every week), so I took the next logical step and proposed to her. It was very romantic. There were even flowers involved. And a cute animal. And my good looks and charm (a winning combination that normal people have great difficulty resisting). In fact, I even saved a picture of the magical moment, for your viewing pleasure!


Note the flowers that the panda is holding.

Ouch. I guess she’s not as serious as I am, going from a completely platonic friendship to marriage.

….So yes, I am still single and still looking for a rich suitor, or for you to take me out to dinner (or lunch because that’s a more economical option and I’m all about saving money). I’m not a picky eater. You can even choose the place!

Wellp, that’s it for this post – stay tuned for next week! I may blog about the latte art I recently made (a bit off topic for this blog, but I think it’s something you will all enjoy), or blog about some strange smelling perfume/cologne. If you want to read about one of those topics, comment below and tell me which one!

(Also, I feel like my blog is slowly turning into my Tinder account. But with significantly fewer matches.)

*Edit: Steph didn’t actually make the soap. She saw factory workers make it. I’m less impressed now.


Soap from The Face Shop

About a month or two ago, my friend gave me a bar of soap, which can be used on both your body and face. Unfortunately, I was young and foolish then, and neglected to take a picture of the fancy wrapping it came in before I threw it out. Instead, you get to see a picture of the soap that I have already used, above.

Now onto the soap itself: 

  • It is quite a large bar
  • I smell like a giant grape.
  • I feel very clean.
  • There was this strange white strip along one side of the soap and I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be grip for the soap or not. Then the white strip wore off so I guess it’s not grip (or it’s very poorly designed grip).

Here is a glamour shot of me holding the soap:


Werk it gurl


So how does this compare to other soap I own? 

Here’s a comparison shot, between the Face Shop soap and the only other bar of soap, currently in my possession:



So the soap from the Face Shop smells a lot nicer. But the tiny bar of soap on the right seems to be just as effective (I think it’s free hotel soap that I found at my parents’ house. Yes, my family took a lot of hotel stuff when we went on vacation. We had an entire plastic bag that literally lasted for years).

My recommendation:

If you need soap and your friend gives you soap, then I definitely recommend using the soap. This advice applies to all types of soap, not just this grape scented one from the Face Shop.

Overall, this soap smells great, seems to do its job as soap and is actually reasonably priced. It for approximately 8 NZD (New Zealand Dollars), which is approximately $7 CAD. Unfortunately, the soap is only available in New Zealand (if the link is broken, then The Face Shop has taken the page down)….which means this review wasn’t very helpful for your soap-buying decisions, unless you live in New Zealand or plan on going there soon.

I don’t want to end off on a bad note though. So here’s a picture of a DOUBLE RAINBOW! (photo credit: myself)