Hair care from Shu Uemura

Recently, I took a two week trip to Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. However, the point of this post isn’t for me to brag about my amazing trip. Instead, I will be reviewing the special shampoo and conditioner I used from Shu Uemura, during these two weeks, to help you avoid making a $102 mistake.

Shampoo: Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Shampoo

Conditioner: Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Conditioner


The products above are meant for people with fine hair. But I’m not sure if I have fine hair to begin with, so this might explain why I was unimpressed with the product.

First, the shampoo retails at $46 CAD and the conditioner retails at $56 CAD. That’s $102 CAD for only 550 ml of product. This is the most expensive thing I have ever put on my head. Perhaps it’s the “Himalayan crystal minerals” in the shampoo and conditioner that makes it so expensive (but in all honesty, I have no idea why this is so expensive, and your dog’s guess is as good as mine).

According to the Shu Uemur website, the shampoo and conditioner will make your hair feel “fuller, light and airy“. After two weeks of using it  and washing my hair every other day to once in three days, (which is standard for me when I’m not doing a lot of sports), my hair did not feel any fuller, lighter or airy-er. In fact, it felt like it was at the same level of fullness, lightness and airy-ness, compared to if I had used my usual shampoo and conditioner, that I took from my parents’ house:



I am rather unimpressed with Shu Uemura’s product, although the shampoo bottle itself has a nice aesthetic…so I guess there are some benefit of using this product. Your shower will look more sophisticated. And you can be *that friend* who uses $46 shampoo and $56 conditioner.

My recommendation: Save yourself $102 and just buy something from Wal-mart, the Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, etc.