Hand Lotion from the Face Shop

I usually have dry, calloused hands, mostly from rock climbing 2-3 times a week. The combination of hanging onto the rock climbing holds, and rubbing chalk on my hands to maintain grip on said holds, really contributes to the dryness. I could even help you exfoliate your skin, by running my hand down the side of your face…if you’re into that sort of thing (it turns out not most of my friends are actually not into that sort of thing).

Anyways, I hadn’t gone climbing in a few weeks so my hands are significantly softer, and….moister? Not as dry? Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on my swe- okay, y’all get the point. My recent, slightly sweaty palms and ability to relate to Eminem (there is a purpose to this long introduction, I promise. Hang in there for a bit longer)…

During the winter, my hands are even drier because of the cold (despite wearing gloves), and sometimes they crack. So one day, my friend became so weary of seeing my cracked hands in class (and of me trying to exfoliate her face), that she gave me a container of hand cream from The Face Shop:


Effectiveness: the lotion is fairly light and creamy, so your hand won’t feel greasy afterwards. It was probably effective for 2-3 hours in the winter, and closer to 4-5 hours during the spring for me. Usually, I need something thicker like Glysomed to be effective in the winter. So in conclusion, it worked great during warmer months, but not so much during the colder months.

Here’s a glamour shot of my unadorned hand, post-lotion (applied Spring 2016):

Looks (and feels) pretty moisturized to me.

Scent: While the picture on the packaging appears to be an avocado (I think?), it smelled like a pear.

Packaging: It’s pretty cute. I mean, look at that little panda head, poking out from behind! However, I was afraid to pack this on my carry-on bag when I boarded a plane recently. There isn’t a description of the lotion on the packaging, nor is there a mention of volume, so I was afraid it would be confiscated. Cute packaging, but maybe not the most ideal for flying…

Recommendation: If you have really dry hands, I recommend going with something thicker. If you have not-as-dry hands, I recommend going with something cheaper. This lotion retails for $11.31 CAD for only 30 ml (see link below). In comparison, you can get an entire 320 ml container of Vaseline for slightly under $10 CAD at Walmart. And lastly, if you have perpetually moist/sweaty palms, I don’t imagine that any lotion would be helpful.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find this lotion on the Face Shop’s website (perhaps they have stopped selling it?), but it is on YesStyle if you are interested in reading more about it.

**As you may have noticed from the glamour shots of my hand, I am not married (currently single). So feel free to take me out to dinner and/or buy me a pizza.**


Hair care from Shu Uemura

Recently, I took a two week trip to Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. However, the point of this post isn’t for me to brag about my amazing trip. Instead, I will be reviewing the special shampoo and conditioner I used from Shu Uemura, during these two weeks, to help you avoid making a $102 mistake.

Shampoo: Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Shampoo

Conditioner: Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Conditioner


The products above are meant for people with fine hair. But I’m not sure if I have fine hair to begin with, so this might explain why I was unimpressed with the product.

First, the shampoo retails at $46 CAD and the conditioner retails at $56 CAD. That’s $102 CAD for only 550 ml of product. This is the most expensive thing I have ever put on my head. Perhaps it’s the “Himalayan crystal minerals” in the shampoo and conditioner that makes it so expensive (but in all honesty, I have no idea why this is so expensive, and your dog’s guess is as good as mine).

According to the Shu Uemur website, the shampoo and conditioner will make your hair feel “fuller, light and airy“. After two weeks of using it  and washing my hair every other day to once in three days, (which is standard for me when I’m not doing a lot of sports), my hair did not feel any fuller, lighter or airy-er. In fact, it felt like it was at the same level of fullness, lightness and airy-ness, compared to if I had used my usual shampoo and conditioner, that I took from my parents’ house:



I am rather unimpressed with Shu Uemura’s product, although the shampoo bottle itself has a nice aesthetic…so I guess there are some benefit of using this product. Your shower will look more sophisticated. And you can be *that friend* who uses $46 shampoo and $56 conditioner.

My recommendation: Save yourself $102 and just buy something from Wal-mart, the Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, etc.


Soap from The Face Shop

About a month or two ago, my friend gave me a bar of soap, which can be used on both your body and face. Unfortunately, I was young and foolish then, and neglected to take a picture of the fancy wrapping it came in before I threw it out. Instead, you get to see a picture of the soap that I have already used, above.

Now onto the soap itself: 

  • It is quite a large bar
  • I smell like a giant grape.
  • I feel very clean.
  • There was this strange white strip along one side of the soap and I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be grip for the soap or not. Then the white strip wore off so I guess it’s not grip (or it’s very poorly designed grip).

Here is a glamour shot of me holding the soap:


Werk it gurl


So how does this compare to other soap I own? 

Here’s a comparison shot, between the Face Shop soap and the only other bar of soap, currently in my possession:



So the soap from the Face Shop smells a lot nicer. But the tiny bar of soap on the right seems to be just as effective (I think it’s free hotel soap that I found at my parents’ house. Yes, my family took a lot of hotel stuff when we went on vacation. We had an entire plastic bag that literally lasted for years).

My recommendation:

If you need soap and your friend gives you soap, then I definitely recommend using the soap. This advice applies to all types of soap, not just this grape scented one from the Face Shop.

Overall, this soap smells great, seems to do its job as soap and is actually reasonably priced. It for approximately 8 NZD (New Zealand Dollars), which is approximately $7 CAD. Unfortunately, the soap is only available in New Zealand (if the link is broken, then The Face Shop has taken the page down)….which means this review wasn’t very helpful for your soap-buying decisions, unless you live in New Zealand or plan on going there soon.

I don’t want to end off on a bad note though. So here’s a picture of a DOUBLE RAINBOW! (photo credit: myself)