I am currently a Tax Specialist working at KPMG in Waterloo, and a recent Masters of Accounting graduate, from the University of Waterloo (ON, Canada). All of the makeup I own is displayed on the front page of this website. So what am I doing, blogging about beauty products? Well….

My friend and fellow beauty blogger, Stephanie Lau (she’s an actual serious beauty blogger), gave me a bar of soap one day since I needed soap. She has a lot of soap. I do not have a lot of soap. In fact, I probably had no soap that day.

I wrote a satirical “review” of it on her Facebook wall, and a bunch of people (including some of her beauty blogging friends) actually found it very funny. Someone suggested writing an entire blog about it (or creating an Instagram account, which I did not do…yet).

So here we are, one FB wall post, one (half used) bar of soap, and 30 likes later.


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