The Week at Scott’s House

Hello friends!

Continuing from my last blog post, this entry will be a review of my week spent studying at Scott’s parents’ abode for the CFE. I drove back and forth from my parents’ abode to Scott’s parents’ abode for the week so I can’t review the sleeping quarters. However, I will be reviewing other important quarters instead.

The dining room, aka the studying quarters: We spent at least half the day studying in the dining room (on some days, we went to the library after lunch). The dining room table was quite spacious. There was also this big plastic cover on the table because apparently someone is very spill-prone in Scott’s house (unsure if it’s Scott himself or someone else…to be confirmed…). Also, I don’t recall much dining actually happening on the dining room table.

The kitchen, aka the eating quarters: The kitchen got renovated recently. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it but just trust me, it’s very nice.

The cat: Cambria is the largest housecat I have ever seen.


Thank you Scott for doing a photo-opp with your extremely large cat for me.

Apparently Claudia (fourth member of our CFE study squad) is very allergic to cats, with Cambria being no exception. She went through a giant pile of tissues every day. Scott took the initiative to move the compost bin from the kitchen to beside Claudia because there was a tissue overflow on the large dining room table. The table was spacious, but not spacious enough for the four of us with our laptops, water bottles, papers and Claudia’s mountain of used tissues.

The food: One day for lunch, we ate delicious pulled pork that Scott’s brother brought home from somewhere. We also had a BBQ night. But best of all, Scott’s mother is a baker (she’s also a very nice lady) and she baked these delicious chocolate brownies for us. They were 12/10, top notch. Would consume again.

The Scott: Scott is a big fan of metal music, going to concerts, and bagels without any spread on them. Scott has now reached a milestone of going to 100 concerts (the last concert being the “Big 4 Battle of the Bands” put on by the Big 4 accounting firms – yes, we will count that one).


Scott, very excited about concert #100 and me supporting him, with a “Like”. Featured picture: a bunch of angsty accountants forming a band?

As much as Scott loves concerts, he’s even more serious about his bagels. He brought vacuum sealed bags of bagels into the CFE. Vacuum sealed bags. Of Bagels. Vacuum. Sealed. Bagels.


Scott was ready to rock the CFE with his vacuum sealed bags of plain bagels. With a strict rule of only one bagel per vacuum sealed bag.

The CFE squad: On our last day of studying together, we decided to take some group photos. It only took us about four tries before we finally found ideal lighting in Scott’s backyard (we were very tired at this point, after studying accounting standards for six weeks so this seemingly simple task did not seem so simple at the time). Only the nice group picture has been posted here because I have the free trial of WordPress and there is a space limit to pictures I can post. Also in the other pictures, we are all blinded by the sun and they just aren’t as flattering. We want to uphold our reputation as smart and attractive accountants, not smart and squinty-eyed accountants, or smart and blinded-by-the-sun accountants.


A bunch of smart and attractive accountants that aren’t squinting or blinded by the sun. From left to right: Claudia, Mike, me, and Scott (wearing his usual all black attire: black hoodie featuring a metal band and black jeans)

Overall review: 5/5, Scott’s house was ideal for studying. Would eat the brownies again.


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