The Week at Mike’s House

Dear readers,

I’m very sorry for this delayed post. I didn’t forget about you, I promise! For the past few months, I’ve been studying for a professional accounting exam to become a CPA and traveling to celebrate being done school! The first part of that sentence was probably very boring to read. But definitely not as boring as reading through pages and pages of accounting standards. On the bright side, if you run an ostrich farm, I can prepare the financial statements for you under two different accounting standards!

So my study group of four people took turns staying at each other’s parents’ abodes for a few weeks. This post will be a review of my week-long stay at Mike’s parents’ abode.

The sleeping quarters: I slept in what I believe to be Mike’s sister’s old room for the week. It was comfortable for the week and I didn’t roll off the bed once. It was also right beside the bathroom so super convenient for bathroom needs.

The bathroom: It was nice. It was a bathroom.

The food: Food consisted of eggs, spinach, cereal, pasta, hamburgers, food from Starbucks (courtesy of Mike’s brother, who brought back food for us as he works there), samosas (courtesy of Mike’s sister, who brought back extra samosas from…work?) and beer. So lots of white people food, minus the samosa. Mike was an excellent chef. I felt bad for him though because whenever Claudia couldn’t finish anything, Mike ate it to avoid wasting it. Mike appears to be both Claudia’s boyfriend and compost receptacle. Mike would then comment on how fat he was going to get if that continued. It’s probably continuing now as you read this (Mike I’m not calling you fat if you are reading this, or even if you aren’t reading this).

The pool: Mike has a bomb-ass pool. Pool games that we played include Colours (Mike was the best at colours with me being second and Claudia not really knowing how to play), Pool Rocket Hockey (We tried throwing this rubber torpedo-shaped toy underwater into the designated goal area on the opponents side while the opponent stood in front of the goal area), and Throwing Claudia Into the Water. Claudia did not enjoy Throwing Claudia Into the Water. It was her least favourite game.


Sexy and I know it.

PHOEBE!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite roommate at the Blake household was Phoebe.


Looking real excited to see me, on her dog bed.

Phoebe is a mix of German shepherd, border collie, and other breeds that you will have to ask Mike about for more specific details. She’s a pretty old dog with arthritis so she doesn’t really play anymore (Mike warned me about this beforehand to ensure I wasn’t totally devastated once I arrived). I gave her frequent pats and rubbed her floppy ears but Phoebe didn’t seem as enthusiastic about this as I did. In fact, she didn’t really seem to enjoy the pats; I think she only let me pat her because it gave me so much joy. Claudia tried showing adult Phoebe a picture of herself as a puppy but adult Phoebe was also extremely uninterested in herself as a puppy. She was not a very excitable dog.

Overall review

5/5, would stay again.

P.S. Please do not contact me to prepare financial statements for your ostrich farm. That earlier offer was made in jest.