Handmade Soap and Heartbreak

Hello readers!

Sorry for the delay in blog post – it’s been a busy week/two weeks with school, and I had to recover over the recent heartbreak I experienced (more on this below).

Today’s special product to be reviewed, is soap from Lush: 


My photography skills have really progressed throughout my last four posts.

I’d like to spend a moment here, bragging about how special this soap is because my dear friend, Stephanie Lau, hand-made this soap when she went on a tour of the Lush factory. (Maybe she’s trying to send me a hint. She has been supplying me with a lot of personal hygiene items lately…)

Okay, now onto the product itself, before this post turns into a review of my friendship with Stephanie (10/10, she’s great).

Ingredients: It’s made out of fruit juice! And other normal soap ingredients! Look at those rainbow-coloured stripes!

Smell: Kind of like waxy fruit candy (Jolly Ranchers? Life Savers?)

Taste: It does NOT taste like candy at all. It just taste like wax. I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to test this by licking it, especially in a classroom of 30 people, but I am now passing on this very valuable lesson to you: do not lick your soap. No matter how good it smells. I see you reaching for your soap now. Just don’t do it.

Effectiveness: I used the washroom, and then I used this soap. My hands felt pretty clean after. I am confident it worked.

Rating: 12/10 because Stephanie made it for me.

Okay, the last point brings me to the heartbreak I recently experienced. I was overjoyed at this gift Stephanie bestowed upon me during our Accounting 610 – Professional Accounting Practice class (if you’re bored from reading those last six words, imagine how my entire class feels, but for three hours every week), so I took the next logical step and proposed to her. It was very romantic. There were even flowers involved. And a cute animal. And my good looks and charm (a winning combination that normal people have great difficulty resisting). In fact, I even saved a picture of the magical moment, for your viewing pleasure!


Note the flowers that the panda is holding.

Ouch. I guess she’s not as serious as I am, going from a completely platonic friendship to marriage.

….So yes, I am still single and still looking for a rich suitor, or for you to take me out to dinner (or lunch because that’s a more economical option and I’m all about saving money). I’m not a picky eater. You can even choose the place!

Wellp, that’s it for this post – stay tuned for next week! I may blog about the latte art I recently made (a bit off topic for this blog, but I think it’s something you will all enjoy), or blog about some strange smelling perfume/cologne. If you want to read about one of those topics, comment below and tell me which one!

(Also, I feel like my blog is slowly turning into my Tinder account. But with significantly fewer matches.)

*Edit: Steph didn’t actually make the soap. She saw factory workers make it. I’m less impressed now.



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