Mystery Cologne/Perfume and Giveaway!

Hello readers!

Exciting news: I will be doing a mystery cologne/perfume giveaway with this blog post, as described in the title, “Mystery Cologne/Perfume an Giveaway”.

You are probably wondering now…

“why is this cologne/perfume a mystery?” – to be discussed below.

“is this another beauty product that required a lick test?” – no, not this time…can’t fool me twice.

“is Lucy still single?” – yes, very much so.

The mystery behind the Mountain Air fragrance from Demeter is that it doesn’t really smell like mountain air.


I gathered a panel of experts, and asked them for their opinion but we couldn’t reach a consensus. Here’s some background info on the panelists I have carefully selected:

Lucy Y: a babe magnet. Sometimes drools in her sleep. Currently upset that her watch ran out of batteries. Has yet to replace the batteries.

Tori G: Matt’s friend and ex-roommate (more on Matt below) who comes to visit every so often. Can be seen buried under a mound of pillows and covers, while reading or napping on our couch during various weekends. Common conversation topics with Tori include whether she can get away with not wearing a bra in public without anyone noticing (usually no), and Caffrey, our favourite hamster. Tori also brought me and Matt a free tub of sherbet!


This deserved its own (very blurry, dark and poorly taken) photo.

Stephanie L: beauty expert and my peer review partner for mock accounting exams. Interests include Charles (her bae), Charles’s butt (also one of my interests), and daily two-hour naps. Steph has a rigorous, potentially unparalleled, napping regime.

Lisa H: she refused to give me a description of her interests, on the basis that we’ve been friends for five years. Wears a lot of black. Likes to eat pizza. Has flat feet.

Matt L: my roommate. Diet consists of Soylent and protein powder, spinach, chicken breast seasoned with Montreal style spice, Greek yogurt, and popcorn. Can be found lifting heavy things at the gym, coding or playing computer games. Other interests include girls, the Office and frisbees. Spotted in his natural environment wearing plaid pajama pants and a t-shirt, or plaid pajama pants and no shirt. Has a habit of leaving his alcohol at various people’s apartments when we go out to socialize.


The panel of experts, from left to right: Lisa H, Steph L, Tori G and a plush turtle, and Matt L (in his usual attire, consisting of band t-shirt and pajama pants)

And here are our thoughts on Mountain Air, from Demeter:

Lucy Y: kind of like outdoors. But musky.

Tori G: Hmm….flowers and laundry detergent.

Steph L: It used to smell bad [in her first smell test], but now it smells clean [second smell test].

Lisa H: Eww, that’s what smells so bad around here. It smells like a sweaty man.

Matt G:  …I don’t know. *looks at label*. Smells like Mountain Air.

So there you have it. Our collective recommendation is if you want to smell like a sweaty man who does his laundry regularly, and also spends a lot of time outdoors tending to flowers in the mountains, the Mountain Air fragrance from Demeter is for you!

Now for the give-away part. The first person who likes this post, comments on this post indicating they would like to receive the cologne/perfume and is able to meet me in Waterloo can receive the 1.0 fl oz (30 ml), almost completely full container of Mountain Air for free! I usually don’t wear scents, and when I do, I prefer to smell like warm cotton. Clean laundry is my favourite scent 🙂

*edit: after reading this blog post, Matt gave me an ultimatum and said “it’s either Charles’s butt or my butt. You have to decide.” More to come on my decision in future blog posts.*



Handmade Soap and Heartbreak

Hello readers!

Sorry for the delay in blog post – it’s been a busy week/two weeks with school, and I had to recover over the recent heartbreak I experienced (more on this below).

Today’s special product to be reviewed, is soap from Lush: 


My photography skills have really progressed throughout my last four posts.

I’d like to spend a moment here, bragging about how special this soap is because my dear friend, Stephanie Lau, hand-made this soap when she went on a tour of the Lush factory. (Maybe she’s trying to send me a hint. She has been supplying me with a lot of personal hygiene items lately…)

Okay, now onto the product itself, before this post turns into a review of my friendship with Stephanie (10/10, she’s great).

Ingredients: It’s made out of fruit juice! And other normal soap ingredients! Look at those rainbow-coloured stripes!

Smell: Kind of like waxy fruit candy (Jolly Ranchers? Life Savers?)

Taste: It does NOT taste like candy at all. It just taste like wax. I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to test this by licking it, especially in a classroom of 30 people, but I am now passing on this very valuable lesson to you: do not lick your soap. No matter how good it smells. I see you reaching for your soap now. Just don’t do it.

Effectiveness: I used the washroom, and then I used this soap. My hands felt pretty clean after. I am confident it worked.

Rating: 12/10 because Stephanie made it for me.

Okay, the last point brings me to the heartbreak I recently experienced. I was overjoyed at this gift Stephanie bestowed upon me during our Accounting 610 – Professional Accounting Practice class (if you’re bored from reading those last six words, imagine how my entire class feels, but for three hours every week), so I took the next logical step and proposed to her. It was very romantic. There were even flowers involved. And a cute animal. And my good looks and charm (a winning combination that normal people have great difficulty resisting). In fact, I even saved a picture of the magical moment, for your viewing pleasure!


Note the flowers that the panda is holding.

Ouch. I guess she’s not as serious as I am, going from a completely platonic friendship to marriage.

….So yes, I am still single and still looking for a rich suitor, or for you to take me out to dinner (or lunch because that’s a more economical option and I’m all about saving money). I’m not a picky eater. You can even choose the place!

Wellp, that’s it for this post – stay tuned for next week! I may blog about the latte art I recently made (a bit off topic for this blog, but I think it’s something you will all enjoy), or blog about some strange smelling perfume/cologne. If you want to read about one of those topics, comment below and tell me which one!

(Also, I feel like my blog is slowly turning into my Tinder account. But with significantly fewer matches.)

*Edit: Steph didn’t actually make the soap. She saw factory workers make it. I’m less impressed now.